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Full members of the AAPDB have undergone an animal welfare focused quality assurance audit of their premises carried out by a registered veterinarian. You can be confident that their breeding animals are well cared for, have a retirement plan in place, that their puppies are socialised and have all the expected health procedures and checks and that they abide by the AAPDB ethics regarding their post sale obligatjons

If you have any concerns regarding the conduct of a full member please lodge a complaints here.

*Please note some members will indicate their member number starting with a P (probationary) or F (full), however here it is listed without the letter, so complete your search using the number only, 

*if you cannot find a breeder or a breeder number please email support@aapdb.com.au to check that the breeder is legitimate BEFORE you commit to purchasing your   puppy.

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First Name Last Name Member # Vet Audit State Breed Email Memberlist First Role Upme User Profile Status
DHUHA  AL-FAYOUZ 16978 11/09/2018 ACT dhuha_talal2005@yahoo.com Full Subscriber
Sue and Nadine  Allen / Banfield 16597 05/25/2018 NSW Dachshunds southcoastdachshunds@gmail.com Full Subscriber
Stuart  Anderson 16864 08/08/2018 VIC Border Collie rockhavenfarm@hotmail.com Full Subscriber
Jon-maree  Baker 16538 05/25/2018 NSW monbrook@gmail.com Full Subscriber
Cheryl  Batty 224 12/07/2017 NSW Mini Dachshund, Mini Schnauzer, Coloured Standard Schnauzer, Schnoodles cbatty87@telstra.com Full Participant
Amanda  Bazley 16367 09/25/2018 NSW DNA Tested Toy Poodles and Toy Cavoodles nathamandy@yahoo.com.au Full Subscriber
Trinity  Belleville 16206 06/05/2018 NSW trinitypl3@hotmail.com Full Subscriber
Kerrin  Blacket 16575 04/24/2018 NSW Cavoodles cavoodlelovepuppies@gmail.com Full Subscriber
Debbie  Blaxland 17040 05/17/2018 NSW Pugs deb@parkesfarmcentre.com.au Full Subscriber
John  Blease 16923 09/06/2018 NSW Beagles, Beaglears, King Charles Cavaliers, Cavoodles, Toy Poodles, Shih Tzu, Shoodles spaine94@outlook.com Full Subscriber
Tom  Bonnici 16513 11/01/2018 VIC tommybonnici@hotmail.com Full Subscriber
Karen  Burk 16830 05/22/2018 NSW Cavoodles hiddenvalleycavoodles@gmail.com Full Subscriber
Brooke  Butler 16599 03/20/2018 NSW bbspetpooches@gmail.com Full Subscriber
Michael  Cain 16899 10/26/2018 WA mick_cain@hotmail.com Full Subscriber
shannon  campbell 16626 03/08/2018 NSW mini poodles ,cavoodle, schnoodle ,schnauzer and spoodles campbellscountrypuppies@outlook.com Full Subscriber
Terry  Campbell 16495 01/24/2018 NSW Cavaliers, Cocker spaniels, Mini Schnauzers, Pugs, Poodles and their Hybrids tezcampbell23@hotmail.com Full Subscriber
JANE  CAPP 16466 08/07/2017 QLD cappjane@live.com Full Participant
Hien  Chaney 16502 02/27/2018 WA thuyhien.harding@gmail.com Full Subscriber
Lissette  Chorrez 16493 03/03/2018 WA Miniature Dachshund lchorrez@bigpond.com Full Subscriber
Rae  Cinello 16651 07/13/2018 NSW r.j.cinello@bigpond.com Full Subscriber
NARELLE  CLAYDON 14125 01/23/2018 VIC ben.claydon@iinet.net.au Full Subscriber
Leanne and Scott  Cole 16632 01/07/2019 NSW Groodle's Cavoodle's Spoodle's info@rubyleighdesignerdogs.com.au Full Subscriber
Judith  Cooney 17028 09/05/2018 WA jcooney2@bigpond.com Full Subscriber
Jenelle  Cooper 32 WA mail@acapups.com.au Full Subscriber
Andrew & Alison  Copelin 17113 10/09/2018 NSW bagobluffpuppies@yahoo.com Full Subscriber
Elizabeth  Cosh 16876 12/18/2018 WA Border collie tamzincosh@gmail.com Full Subscriber
Shanelle  Costello 16629 06/05/2018 QLD Moodles and Labramoodles shanellemarie23@gmail.com Full Subscriber
Vicki  Cowdroy 16706 05/26/2018 NSW Pugs vicki-b@hotmail.com.au Full Subscriber
Jennifer  Cross 16869 09/04/2018 NSW Cavalier King Charles Spaniels & Cavoodles jennifer_cross_94@hotmail.com Full Participant
Michael  Day 17078 12/07/2018 VIC michael_day_@hotmail.com Full Subscriber
judy  diggerman 16395 10/24/2018 VIC toy poodles. cavalier king charles spaniel. cavoodles.moodles judy.1967@bigpond.com Full Subscriber
Kaylene  Dore 00015 08/31/2018 NSW Cavoodles (Cavalier x toy or miniature Poodles); Shoodles (Shih Tzu x toy Poodle) waratahparkpuppies@bigpond.com Full Subscriber
Adnan  Dzonlagic 16199 10/10/2018 WA azra.mahic@hotmail.com Full Subscriber
Ruth  Eadon 16473 03/08/2018 VIC rutheadon@yahoo.com Full Subscriber
Anne  Edwards 16572 06/01/2018 NSW Border collies wallabywatts@bigpond.com Full Subscriber
Mandy  Faber 36 06/20/2018 NSW bellalealta@gmail.com Full Participant
Edward & Angela  Farrell 16283 05/03/2018 NSW Cavoodle (toy) welove4paws@gmail.com Full Subscriber
Wendy  Flannery 87 08/09/2018 NSW wendosparadise@gmail.com Full Subscriber
Christine  Flood 16465 01/17/2018 NSW caravan1603@gmail.com Full Subscriber
Pauline  Fraser 15198 08/16/2018 NSW shilo24@bigpond.com Full Subscriber
Kim  Frazer 16430 10/23/2017 NSW playmoregk@hotmail.com Full Participant
Wendy  Frost 16590 08/18/2017 QLD Labradoodles & Spoodles dialab@bigpond.com Full Subscriber
Jennifer  Fuller 18 11/09/2017 NSW terinahbichons@dodo.com Full Subscriber
Heidi  Gear 16554 01/21/2018 QLD Cavalier King Charles & Ragdolls h-gear@bigpond.com Full Subscriber
Annette  Gibson 16248 04/05/2018 NSW DNA tested Toy Poodles and Cavoodles annettegibson277@live.com.au Full Subscriber
Emily  Gough 16862 07/10/2018 NSW goughinc@bigpond.net.au Full Participant
Katherine  Gould 16460 12/15/2017 NSW kathy.gould.au@gmail.com Full Subscriber
Susan  Gray 16455 02/26/2018 QLD theriversbrahmans@mail.com Full Subscriber
Anne and Stewart  Guest 16852 08/24/2018 NSW navarguess@gmail.com Full Participant
Val  Haberfield 16298 11/07/2018 NSW cosmiccritter7@gmail.com Full Subscriber
Kerry  Hallett 16315 07/06/2018 NSW Toy poodles kerry.hallett@bigpond.com Full Subscriber
Jennifer  Hallowes 17107 08/27/2018 VIC Cavadors jenhallowes@bigpond.com Full Subscriber
Kirstin  Hams 21 10/02/2018 VIC Cavoodles, Spoodles, Groodles, Cavadors, Schnoodles, Schnauzers, Poodles kirstin@banksiaparkpuppies.com Full Subscriber
Juliann  Harris 00009 02/20/2018 NSW toypuppiesareus@bigpond.com.au Full Subscriber
David and Jane  Harvey 16827 07/16/2018 QLD Pugs harves1964@hotmail.com Full Subscriber
Glenda  Hawdon 16647 04/28/2018 NSW Border Collie glendahawdon1@gmail.com Full Subscriber
Madeleine  Hensel 15195 04/26/2018 QLD Short Smooth Hair Miniature Dachshunds mksminihounds@gmail.com Full Subscriber
barbara  horan 15138 11/27/2018 NSW barbie40@bigpond.com Full Subscriber
corrie  howlett 16820 06/26/2018 QLD corriesparkles@hotmail.com Full Subscriber
Sue  Hudd 16774 11/19/2018 QLD shudd6@skymesh.com.au Full Subscriber
Anne  Hull 17043 07/23/2018 NSW scotthulllondon@gmail.com Full Subscriber
lisa  hutchinson 16644 07/16/2018 NSW pomeranians, huskies, german spitz, and possibly pomskies lisa.hutchinson4work@hotmail.com Full Subscriber
Matt  Jamieson 1415 05/29/2018 NSW Toy Poodles mkjamieson@gmail.com Full Subscriber
Anita  Jedynski 17031 NSW anitaj56@hotmail.com Full Subscriber
Sharon  Jenkins 17143 12/06/2018 WA sharonj@financecorp.com.au Full Subscriber
Amy  Johnson 17130 WA Multi Gen - Labradoodles thejohnson4@tpg.com.au Full Subscriber
Stacey & David  Kelly 16428 03/07/2018 NSW Minature Dachshunds staceymkelly16@gmail.com Full Participant
Stacey  Kemp 16124 03/22/2018 NSW pawsrus@outlook.com.au Full Subscriber
Hilary  Kent 16874 08/10/2018 WA Siberian Huskies hilarykent7@gmail.com Full Participant
Jodie  Knox 00001 05/08/2018 VIC Standard Groodles, Medium Groodles, Mini Groodles, Schnoodles, Bernardoodles, Spoodles and PB Golden Retrievers admin@murrayriverpuppies.com.au Full Subscriber
Matthew  Koster 16310 06/30/2018 VIC Cavoodles mattscavoodles@gmail.com Full Subscriber
Michael  Lakic 16219 06/28/2018 QLD We breed Quality Labradoodles and Spoodles bella.labradoodles@yahoo.com Full Subscriber
Daniel  Lamb 16603 05/04/2018 QLD nbarlonghorns@gmail.com Full Subscriber
Tracie  Lambert-Smith 16880 NSW tracie.lambertsmith@gmail.com Full Participant
Taighen  Lang 16136 09/28/2018 NT ntoodles8@gmail.com Full Subscriber
Deb  Lee 16511 06/01/2018 VIC Miniature Dachshunds, Miniature Schnauzers, Cavoodles, Moodles apdjlee@bigpond.net.au Full Subscriber
Gregory  Loader 16946 08/17/2018 NSW Jugs, jack Russell gregloader@rocketmail.com Full Subscriber
Tania  Lowe 16536 02/12/2018 WA moodles tania_plus@hotmail.com Full Subscriber
Susan  Luthy 16617 06/28/2018 NSW susanluthy@bigpond.com Full Subscriber
Charlie  Maddaluno 23 04/19/2018 VIC Cavoodles, Groodles, Labradoodles, Spoodles, Bordoodles, Bichon Poodles, Pugs, Boxers puppiesdownunder@gmail.com Full Subscriber
pasqualino  mancini 16363 01/03/2018 WA goldencap1@hotmail.com Full Subscriber
Margy  Manfield 17076 06/26/2018 QLD mannyparkpuppies@gmail.com Full Participant
Victoria  Mathers 17123 10/13/2018 VIC Schnoodle vandrpresti@yahoo.com.au Full Subscriber
Donna  Mawby 16207 07/17/2018 NSW Shmoodles donnamawby@msn.com Full Subscriber
Alise & Gordon  McBain 118 05/18/2018 NSW Miniature Dachshund and Jack Russell Terrier goalmcbain@yahoo.com.au Full Subscriber
Kerry  McCormick 16619 08/16/2018 TAS Groodles kerrymccormick27@gmail.com Full Subscriber
Lynette  McPhie 16903 05/31/2018 NSW Poodle's, chihuahua's, poochi's lyn6408@hotmail.com Full Subscriber
Andrew  Modir 16309 05/06/2017 NSW Pug, French Bulldog, Cavalier, King Charles Spaniel, Rhodesian Ridge Back petzcastle@gmail.com Full Subscriber
Maree  Monaghan 210 10/16/2017 QLD Cavalier .. toy/mini poodle mareeamonaghan@gmail.com Full Subscriber
Tracey  Moy 15189 05/18/2018 QLD Miniature Schnauzers cabooltureminischnauzers@gmail.com Full Subscriber
Katrina  Mula 16713 03/23/2018 NSW katrinamula@hotmail.com Full Subscriber
April  Mundall 17210 07/27/2018 NSW cutepugs4you@gmail.com Full Subscriber
Nathan  Nisbett-Bickel 752 07/22/2018 NSW Cavoodles, Pomsky's, Mini Dogue’s jonath@hotmail.com.au Full Subscriber
Marilyn  Oakenfull 00002 11/01/2018 NSW spoodles cavoodles cavaliers and soon miniature poodles marilynoakenfull@bigpond.com Full Subscriber
Amanda  Ormiston 16961 08/01/2018 NSW Cavalier King Charles Spaniel af.ormiston@gmail.com Full Subscriber
Kain  Poisel 14143 05/22/2018 NSW poisel@activ8.net.au Full Subscriber
Annette  Prell 16444 09/03/2017 NSW Labradoodles Multi- Generational ahgunyah@gmail.com Full Participant
Linda  Prochon 16340 07/03/2018 QLD Shoodles and Groodles linda.prochon@gmail.com Full Subscriber
Sally  Rainoldi 16550 01/18/2018 WA rainoldi@bigpond.com Full Subscriber
Zara  Ramadi 16741 08/03/2018 QLD ramadizara@gmail.com Full Subscriber
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