The Australian Association of Pet Dog Breeders exists to support and promote responsible, ethical breeding of healthy family pet dogs; to support the welfare of family pets at all stages of their life; to provide quality assurance for members of the public seeking a responsibly bred pet dog and to promote responsible pet ownership.

Before making a complaint about a breeder please check that the breeder is a member of the AAPDB by visiting our find a member page and verify the status of a member. If the member does not appear on here then they are NOT a current AAPDB member.

AAPDB does not have the authority to act in matters of animal cruelty. In all instances of animal cruelty or serious welfare complaints, the complainant will be requested to seek the assistance of relative Animal Welfare Organisations, RSPCA and/or Police. AAPDB will work with all stakeholders as appropriate toward a resolution.

It is the policy of AAPDB Inc to address all complaints in a professional, ethical, equitable and timely manner. Where-ever possible, if the complaint does not involve animal welfare, AAPDB will endeavour to mediate a mutually agreed resolution.  If this is not possible or appropriate a formal process may be commenced.

AAPDB will recognise and address formal complaints that satisfy the following conditions:

  • the complaint is received through the AAPDB Website complaints form, AND
  • the Complainant has identified themselves and provided contact phone numbers, email and address, AND
  • the complaint is not hearsay, AND
  • the complaint concerns a breach of AAPDB Inc membership requirements.

Wherever possible the identity of the Complainant will be kept confidential, however, it may be disclosed to AAPDB Complaints Sub Committee members as necessary to complete investigations.

AAPDB takes complaints seriously and welcomes the opportunity to improve the experience of all stakeholders. This important feedback provides the Association with the opportunity to improve our procedures and provide training and support to our Members, and most importantly, foster the ethical breeding of healthy family pets.


Note, any complainant's identity will remain confidential to the AAPDB Inc.

Please identify yourself

Complaints Procedure

1. Receipt of complaint
You will receive and automated response initially to confirm that your complaint has been
received and your complaint will be forwarded promptly to the Compliance Officer and President by
the AAPDB Administrative Officer.

You will receive a personal response to your complaint within one week.

2.1 Cruelty to Animals
1. the AAPDB has no regulatory authority with regards to cruelty to animals. If this complaint
involves cruelty to animals, you must confirm that you have contacted the RSPCA and/or the Police
The AAPDB has no regulatory power with regards to cruelty to animals. If you wish to proceed with a complaint against one of our members regarding cruelty you must first contact the appropriate regulatory authority in your area – NSW contact are:

RSPCA NSW https://www.rspcansw.org.au/contact/report-a- cruelty-case

Animal Welfare League NSW http://www.awlnsw.com.au/report-cruelty.html

2.2 Breach of AAPDB code of ethics (to see the full code of ethics please click here:
The AAPDB Inc will write to the accused Member with a dot point summary of the allegations made to the AAPDB Inc.

The accused Member will be requested to respond to the AAPDB Inc in writing with each allegation individually addressed.

If AAPDB Inc executive is satisfied with the accused Member's responses, then the matter will be closed and both complainant and accused notified of this decision in writing.

If AAPDB Inc executive is not satisfied, the AAPDB will request an inspection of the accused Member's dog breeding facility.

If an inspection is refused, the Member will be advised in writing (post/email) that their membership of the AAPDB Inc has been terminated.

If inspection is allowed, the AAPDB Inc will determine what (if any) breaches of Membership requirements exist. The accused Member will be notified in writing of any breaches and asked to provide method and timelines for rectification. Until such breaches are rectified, the Member will have their membership level downgraded to Associate Member.

In the case of serious breaches, or a Member failing to meet agreed timelines for rectification of breaches, the AAPDB Inc might suspend or terminate Membership.