AAPDB Membership

Probationary  Member (Level 1)

AAPDB Probationary members agree to abide by the professional code and standards set out by the AAPDB. Probationary members are eligible to become Full Members of the AAPDB  once they have been audited by a registered veterinarian and are found to be compliant in all areas of the Audit.

Probationary breeders have 12 months to complete all AAPDB requirements after joining the Association and cannot remain a Probationary Member for more than 12 months.

If you are a dog breeder, or are planning to become one, you are welcome to become a probationary member of the AAPDB. You should first read our Code of Ethics and if you are confident that you can abide by these requirements then join via the green button on this page.  Once approved you will be given access to the probationary members area where you can find our Manual and Audit documents and record keeping spreadsheets to help you meet your obligations as an AAPDB member

Step 1: Pay for membership

After payment you’ll then be redirected to a page to complete your membership application where you’ll be asked to upload a copy of your Driver’s License as proof of identity.

Probationary membership is payable in 3 month blocks. We encourage you to complete your Vet Audit ASAP before your first 3 month block is completed. Once you complete and pass your Audit, you will be invoiced for your Full Member upgrade and subscription fee, once all is completed you will then be upgraded to Full Membership and have complete access to all resources.

We advise all our members to be familiar with your relevant state code (COP).

Probationary Membership can only be held for a maximum of 12 months.

$250.00 every 3 months for 12 monthsSign Up Now

Full Member  (Level 2)

Full Members of the AAPDB have undertaken the AAPDB animal focused welfare audit carried out by a registered Veterinarian and found to be compliant in all areas. 

Full Members are required to be Inspected, Audited, current financial members and provide pictures of their Facility annually to ensure that they continue to meet these standards and they are allowed to use the AAPDB “Approved Breeder” Seal of approval.

Full members will have access to members benefits such as “Puppy Packs”, insurance cover,discount travel crates and discounted genetic testing. In New South Wales you will be entitled to discounted dog registration fees.

Full members must be Familiar with their relevant state codes (COP).

You must initially enrol as a Probationary Member but can proceed to full membership immediately if you are confident that you will meet the requirements of our audit.