AAPDB Membership

COVID-19 Membership Relief

AAPDB is committed to helping our Members to retain their membership through this unprecedented time of Corona Virus (COVID-19) Pandemic.  The Committee recognises that the next 6 months is going to be tough for everyone. We recognise that our Members have put significant time and effort into building their breeding enterprises and maintaining their AAPDB Memberships.

AAPDB will be implementing, effective immediately, the following Member Relief Measures. These changes will remain in place from 25 March 2020 to 25 September 2020. The Committee will re-assess the situation in early September and we are hopeful that we will all be able to return to a normal life by that time.

Temporary Relief Measures to be put into place for 6 months 25 March 2020 to 25 Sept 2020

Please read the temporary arrangements below. If you are still having challenges maintaining your Membership, please contact us – WE WANT TO HELP YOU.

Membership Fees 

Joining Fees

  • Probationary Membership $0.00 Waived Join for Free
  • Re-Joining Fee $0.00 Waived (for memberships lapsed 6+mths and charged in addition to Membership Fees listed below)

Full Membership Fees – Full Members Renewing or Probationary Members Upgrading to Full

Term of Memberships under this arrangement have been reduced in duration from 12 months to 6 months. This applies ONLY to those renewals that fall due during 6 months 25 March 2020 to 25 Sept 2020.

The following fees will apply for any Full Member Renewal or Probationary upgrade to Full Member.

Membership Term to be reduced from 12 months to 6 months

Current Fees to be Reduced

Membership Category Current Annual Fee COVID-19 Relief Pkg: 6 Month Membership
1 to 3 dogs
(incl guardians)
$250 $0
4 to 10 dogs
(incl guardians)
$500 $60
11 to 50 dogs
(incl guardians)
$1000 $250
50+ dogs $2000 $500

AAPDB Vet Audit Requirements

It is increasingly unlikely that Members will be able to (or even should) get a vet to visit their premises to complete a Breeder Audit. Therefore, audits falling due in the 6 months from 25 March to 25 September 2020 can be completed as follows:

New Probationary memberships – no change – submit 6 photos of premises + photos of ID with application.

Full Member Audits – Member will be asked to “Self Audit” using the AAPDB Vet Audit document. Member will also be asked to sign a Statutory Declaration attesting to correctness of the audit. Documents usually required to be sighted by the Vet will need to be scanned and submitted with the Audit Document. 

Important Note :  There will be no change to the requirements for Genetic Testing of all dogs over 6mths of age. 

Any Full Member that has had a Complaint Lodged against them in the previous 12 months will be asked to complete an interview via WhatsApp with Compliance Officer and be prepared to show CO around their premises and facilities during this interview.

Probationary Member Upgrading to Full Member – Same as for Full Member above  PLUS   The Probationary Member will be asked to complete an interview via WhatsApp with Compliance Officer and be prepared to show CO around their premises and facilities during this interview.

AAPDB Probationary Member Requirements
  1. Probationary Membership is offered to those Breeders who are new to AAPDB and wanting to become a registered ethical breeder of quality family pets. This period is vital in providing support, assistance and the tools to become a Full Member of AAPDB. Probationary Members are eligible to become Full Members of the AAPDB  as soon as they have been Audited by a registered Veterinarian, supplied all other requested documentation and are found to be compliant in all areas of the Audit.
  2. Probationary membership is:
    1. Valid for 2 months only and cannot be repeated or extended,
    2. Intended to assist new members to become compliant and to pass the Vet Audit,
    3. Provides support for questions, templates for documentation, manuals to assist setting up and for the operation of your enterprise, discounted genetic testing with Orivet.
    4. Probationary Members can progress to Full Member application as soon as they are confident of compliance with all areas of the AAPDB Vet Audit, no need to wait out the full 2 months.
    5. Probationary Members can use their AAPDB Membership number for Advertising , however the Advert must display the letter P in front of the member number.
  3. Once approved you will be given a Profile and immediate access to the probationary members area on our website, where you can find the AAPDB Manual and Sample Audit documents and record keeping spreadsheets to help you meet your obligations as an AAPDB member.
  4. Probationary Membership Numbers will  be issued once your application has been processed and approved. You must complete you AAPDB Vet Audit and upgrade to Full Membership before your Probationary period has expired. We recommend you talk to your Vet to book an audit and order the Audit from us as soon as you can.
  5. Before You Proceed- For verication purposes you must provide a current copy of accepted Identification to confirm your Identity and your Address usually your current Driver’s License.
  6. Before You Proceed – You must also upload 6 pictures of your Facility/ premises with your application , one picture provided must be of you whelping area.
  7. Before You Proceed – From 1 July 2019 mandatory genetic testing of all breeding dogs came into effect for all members. Please read and be aware of your obligations under the Genetic Testing Policy and Procedure. You must be compliant to achieve Full Membership,(please refer to our genetics page)
  8. Before You Proceed – We advise all our members to be familiar with your relevant state code (COP). In the process of applying for Membership, you are required to download your relevant COP and download and affirm that you have read and kept a copy of the Animal Welfare Code of Practice for your State, the AAPDB Code of Ethics and Standards, and the Privacy Policy.
  9. Before You Proceed – Once your AAPDB Probationary Membership has been processed, your subscription cannot be cancelled or refunded.
  10. Before You Proceed – If you have previously been a member of AAPDB, or if your Probationary application is found to be a fraudulent or contain any false or misleading information, your application will be cancelled and your application fee will become an administration fee – you will not be entitled to a refund.
  11. Ready to Proceed? ?  If you are an ethical dog breeder, or are planning to become one, we welcome your application to become a Probationary member of the AAPDB.  If you are confident that you can comply with the requirements of membership then please join via the green button on this page

Step 1: Apply for membership

Please upload a copy of your Driver’s License as proof of identity, and identify your local government area, then proceed to payment:

Upload ID
must match your ID*
Maximum upload size: 2MB
Accepted ID includes drivers license(front and back) or any government recognised photo ID,or Australian ID Card to confirm Identity and Address - Maximum upload size 2mb
Please upload 6 pictures of your breeding facility, 1 picture must be of your whelping area. *
Maximum upload size: 2MB

Codes: Northern Territory

Please download each of these before proceeding

Darwin Pets and Wildlife

Legislation- Animal Welfare Act 1999

Responsible Pet Ownership Darwin 

Codes: South Australia

Please download each of these before proceeding

New Standards for Pets in South Australia

Breeding Dogs and Cats

 Dog and Cat Board

Animal Welfare Act 2012

I agree that I have downloaded my relevant State Codes of Practice. *
I agree that I have read and agree to be bound by the AAPDB Code of Ethics *
I agree and acknowledge that I have read and understood the Privacy Policy *
Please view the Privacy Policy

Do not proceed if you have previously been a probationary member. This is a once only membership that cannot be renewed, extended or reapplied for. Contact accounts@aapdb.com.au for more information.