Lifetime Re-Homing Guarantee

AAPDB members make the commitment that dogs bred by AAPDB approved breeders or sold by AAPDB approved retailers will never be without a home. They agree to informing the new family at point of sale that should the family find they are unable to keep their dog for any reason their  AAPDB breeder (or approved retailer)  is to be contacted and they will either take the dog back or do everything possible to ensure that the dog is rehomed appropriately

AAPDB members must commit to our  re-homing policy  on joining AAPDB. This includes the re-homing of all retired breeding sires and dams, or dogs not suited to breeding.

AAPDB members thereby pledge that no dog bred by them will every be euthanased in a shelter or pound. We support the concerns regarding high euthanasia rates in pounds and shelters. We believe that their are several public policies which will effectively reduce this tragic waste of life.  Our members are committed to breeding appropriate pet dogs which will always find a new home easily if, for unforeseen reasons, their family can no longer keep them.

The AAPDB  supports the Pet Industry Association of Australia (PIAA) re-homing and traceability programme and PIAA stored are approved by the AAPDB as responsible resellers.  We work with Pets Australia (PA) to ensure that any animal sold through PA stored has a rehoming guarantee and PA association stores are also approved by the AAPDB.

The AAPDB’s Code of Practice commits our breeders to rigorous welfare standards in breeding and to accepting a lifetime responsibility for the animals we breed.  We offer this assurance to the community by our commitment to an annual animal focussed veterinary audit of our premises