Find A Breeder

You can find a full member of the AAPDB or check the status of a probationary member by opening the lists below.

Only full members of the AAPDB can advertise their email contact details and the animals they breed on our web site. These breeders have undergone our our animal welfare focussed quality assurance audit carried out by a practicing veterinarian and you can be confident that they are responsible and ethical breeders who aspire to excellent welfare standards and to breeding suitable and healthy pet dogs.

Probationary members have agreed to abide by the ethical requirements of the AAPDB but they have not been audited.  They have 12 months to undergo the audit before their membership is suspended. You can use our Probationary members list to verify  an AAPDB member’s first name, phone number and membership number. You will be assured that the breeder is a current probationary member with a valid membership number.

Given that Probationary Members have not undergone the AAPDB Audit we advise that you should take the normal precautions advised when buying a puppy. In particular you should meet the puppy and it’s parents as this will give you the best indicator of the temperament of the puppy and whether it will suit your family and will allow you to see how the puppy has been raised