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You can find a Full member of the AAPDB or check the status of a Probationary member by opening the lists below.

The AAPDB welcomes all dog breeders who are committed to breeding healthy ,well socialised pet puppies and who are committed to the welfare of their dogs.

You can read about our ethics here : AAPDB ETHICS.

We have a two tiered membership structure: 

New Breeders sign up as probationary Members, their Identity is verified and they must agree to abide by our Code of Ethics. The probationary member then has a maximum of 3 months at this level, before the end of the 3 months , the member must have submitted their AAPDB Vet Audit, Identification and pictures of their Facility otherwise the member is suspended until the Audit and pictures have been received and proven to be compliant.

You must at all times be conscious that a Probationary Member  of the AAPDB has NOT been independently Audited by a Veterinarian and will be immediately suspended if we find that they do not meet our ethical standards.You can use our Probationary members list to verify  an AAPDB member’s first and last name, email address, and membership number. If you are concerned that an advertisement is Fraudulent , Please contact us so You can be assured that the breeder is a current probationary member with a valid membership number.

We advise that you should take the normal precautions when buying a puppy from a Probationary Member. In particular you should try to meet the puppy and the parents, as this will give you the best indicator of the temperament of the puppy and whether it will suit your family, your family will suit the puppy and how the puppy has been raised.

The AAPDB Audit must be carried out by a registered Veterinarian at the expense of the breeder and covers all aspects of breeding– looking at management and welfare of the dogs, puppy rearing, record keeping, information provided with puppies and post sale obligations of the breeder. We are confident that out Audit is rigorous and that Members who have passed this Audit can be trusted as responsible, ethical breeders. Only full members of the AAPDB can advertise their email, contact details and the animals they breed on our web site.

If you find that a breeder is claiming to be a member of the AAPDB but you cannot find their breeder ID number in either of our lists then please contact us at  BEFORE you make any commitment to purchase a puppy.

We are more than willing to advise you of the status of the breeder and will advise selling sites if fraudulant claims are being made.

As a member of the public we would also like to hear from you via if you believe any member is not abiding by our  Code of Ethics 

We wish you the best of luck in your search for the best puppy for your family and hope that your new family member brings you many years of joy.