Welcome to the Australian Association of Pet Dog Breeders Inc. (AAPDB)


AAPDB Inc, was formed by a group of breeders, originally including a Veterinarian and several Veterinary nurses, to provide a voice for breeders of dogs which are not ‘registered’. The majority of dogs in Australia are not registered and until the AAPDB was formed there was no voice for the breeders of the majority of Australia’s Pet Dogs.


Registered dogs are bred by various dog Kennel Clubs for show ring competition and to be a registered Kennel Club breeder you must own a registered dog. The AAPDB believes that health and suitability as a pet is more important than having a long pedigree or winning a competition. Our Association registers breeders rather than dogs. Our Breeders are proud to be judged by our Ethics and in doing so provide Quality Assurance for the Pet buying Public.
The Australian Association Of Pet Dog Breeders Inc, (AAPDB) became an Incorporated Association in 2007. It has National membership and was recognised as a breeder body in NSW in 2013.
In 2010 we were the first dog breeders Association in the world to require all full members to undergo a mandatory , annual, independent, welfare- focused quality assurance Audit, carried out by a licensed Veterinarian.
In June 2019 we became the only breeder Association in Australia which requires our members to have their breeding dogs screened for known genetic defects so that known genetic diseases can be avoided.
Breeders joing the AAPDB have a 2 month Probationary period before they must undergo the Annual Audit. It is not possible for breeders to renew a Probationary Membership.
The AAPDB does not regulate what members breed , but rather how they breed their dogs, how they sell their dogs, their after sales obligations and whether the dogs they breed are suitable for the families who purchase them.
We are proud of our breeder members but we take our responsibilities seriously and will investigate all complaints which involve a breach of the AAPDB Ethical Standards. If you have reason to believe that an AAPDB breeder has breached these Ethics then please contact us through the website or fill out a Complaints form .
Before making a complaint about a breeder please check that the breeder is a member of the AAPDB by visiting our find a member page and verifying the Status of the person/ member. If the person does not appear on our member lists then they are NOT a current member of the AAPDB.

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