Welcome to the Australian Association of Pet Dog Breeders Inc. (AAPDB)


AAPDB Inc, was formed by a group of breeders, including a Veterinarian and several Veterinary nurses, to provide a voice for breeders of dogs which are not ‘registered’ – these are the majority of all  pet dogs in Australia. The various State Kennel Clubs register dogs for show ring competition and to be a registered Kennel Club breeder you must own a registered dog.

The AAPDB believes that health and suitability as a pet is at least as important, and probably more important, than having a long pedigree or winning a conformation competition, and so our Association registers breeders rather than dogs.

The AAPDB requires our breeders to agree to a strict code of ethical behaviour which is outlined below. Full members must undertake an animal focused, quality assurance  audit of their premises annually which must be carried out by a practising veterinarian  in order to demonstrate their commitment to animal welfare and ethical behaviour.


AAPDB INC Code of Ethics.

Membership requirements:

  • Members shall read and understand the legal obligations they have through the relevant codes of practice relating to dog breeding in their State or Territory and agree to abide by these practices except where these practices might conflict with the Australian Association of Pet Dog Breeders Inc Vet Audit or Code of Ethics, in which case the more stringent standards will apply.
  • Probationary Members shall provide Personal Identification and allow their property to be inspected by an Independent Veterinarian  within  3 months of joining the AAPDB.

Husbandry requirements:

  • Members shall ensure that their dogs are under effective control at all times.
  • Members shall feed their animals a balanced diet appropriate to their life stage. 
  • Members shall keep their animals appropriately vaccinated, groomed and free from internal and external parasites and shall seek Veterinary attention promptly for animals showing symptoms of illness.
  • Members shall not house their animals in cages for any reason other than transport, breeding or treatment of illnesses. 
  • Members shall not euthanize retired breeding dogs. Retired dogs must be desexed, and re homed or kept as pets. Euthanasia may only be performed by a qualified veterinarian in the case of:
  • a) Intractable behavioural problems that prelude dogs from being used of breeding or re-homed as pets.
  • b) Painful or life threatening health problems that detract from the animal’s expectation of experiencing  reasonable quality of life.
  • Members may house breeding dogs in a Foster Carer/ Guardian home. the breeder owns and takes responsibility for the breeding and welfare of these dogs until they are desexed on retirement. the breeder is fully responsible for the sale of puppies and will provide a Foster Carer / Guardianship care contract which clearly spells out the responsibilities of the owner and the Foster Carer / Guardian Family.

Sale of puppies:

.     Members must  vaccinate all puppies no younger than 6 weeks of age.   

  •   Members shall never sell a puppy younger than 8 weeks of age.
  •   Members should sell their puppies either:

a)   DE-Sexed at least 7 days prior to being re homed or

b)   With a $50.00 (minimum) DE-Sexing voucher refundable on proof of DE-Sexing.

  • If  a members should sell puppies to a Pet Store, then that Pet Store must be a member of the Pet Industry Association of Australia or Pet’s Australia and offer DE-Sexing vouchers with all puppies.
  • Members may not act as brokers or retailers unless this is fully disclosed to buyers and the puppies are sourced from Vet Audited Full Members of the AAPDB.
  • Members shall not sell puppies to people under the age of Eighteen (18) years and shall not sell puppies at fairs or shows.
  •  Members shall accurately describe the breeding of the puppies they sell. 

Post sale obligations:

  • Members shall offer a 3 day “cooling off” period after the private sale of a puppy, during which time the puppy can be returned and the purchase price refunded, excluding any previously stated non-refundable deposit or transport costs involved.
  • Members shall provide the new owners with information regarding feeding, Veterinary Care and training of their puppies.
  • Members are responsible for any illnesses present at the time of sale of the puppy. Should the puppy be found to be ill at the time of sale, the member shall be responsible for verified Veterinary expenses relating to that illness, to a maximum amount equal to the purchase price of the puppy.
  • Members must accept responsibility for preventable,(testable) genetic or congenital health problem’s arising in the first 18 months of the dog’s life. If a Vet diagnoses a puppy/ dog with a testable genetic or congenital health problem within 18 months of it’s life, the breeder should pay verified Veterinary expenses up to the purchase price of the puppy or replace the puppy, or take back the puppy and offer a full refund.
  • Members must provide written post sale agreements outlining any genetic health testing that has been undertaken, what conditions are not preventable, and when refunds will be offered. (At present it is not a requirement of the AAPDB that all members dog’s are genetically tested though we do intend this to become mandatory within the next 12 month’s).
  • Members must undertake to take back and re-home any dog they have bred at any stage in the animal’s life should it become homeless for any reason. 
    • Member’s will behave professionally in their dealings with other members, pet owners and the general public.

      In Particular:

    • Member’s will treat their customer’s with respect and will protect their confidentiality at all times.
    • Member’s will treat their fellow members and other breeders with respect and will not make comments which will bring fellow breeders, the AAPDB or the Pet Dog Breeding Industry into disrepute.
    • Members will promote responsible pet dog breeding and responsible pet ownership in both words and actions. 


If you have reason to believe that an AAPDB breeder has breached these ethics then please contact us through the web site or fill out a complaints form using the  following link  complaints.

Why Choose an AAPDB Member?

Vet Approved Breeders:

Once members complete their breeder training, have been Veterinarian Audited, provided Pictures of their Facility, Provided Verified Identification, paid their upgrade fees and passed all requirements, they are approved as Full Members.
These requirements are to be met by our Full members annually.

Exceptional Dog Care:

With Leading company partners, we can offer the best and most modern food and medication available for all breeding dogs and puppies.

Health Guarantee:

All AAPDB puppy purchases are guaranteed, all puppies are Vaccinated, Microchipped and Health checked, All AAPDB Puppies Parents as of the 1st July 2019 are required to be genetically tested for any testable preventable inheritable genetic diseases.

Responsible Breeding Practices:

Your Puppy will already be desexed or a de-sexing voucher will be provided to you upon purchasing your puppy, If a voucher is provided then this voucher must be redeemed before the puppy turns 6 months of age.

Re-Homing Promise:

If you have any problems with your puppy and can no longer keep your new Family member , AAPDB Full Breeder members will take the puppy back and re home them for you.. Members are not required to refund any transport cost or pay for transport on return ,if your sales contract includes a non refundable deposit, this deposit is not required to be returned.

Genetic Testing:

If any preventable testable genetic illness arises within the first 18 months of your new Family Pet's life ,the breeder member must pay Vet bills up to and including the price of your new puppy OR replace the puppy OR offer a full refund on return of the puppy (less any transport costs or non refundable deposits involved ).

If your new Family Member arrives with any illness or problem and it is proven to be an issue directly from the Breeder then the above conditions will also apply.


  • Members are responsible for any illnesses present at the time of sale of the puppy. Should the puppy be found to be ill at the time of sale, the member shall be responsible for verified Veterinary expenses relating to that illness, to a maximum amount equal to the purchase price of the puppy.

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