AAPDB has recently created our own Advertising Platform on our website to give the public reassurance that the member who is advertising is real, only Audited Full members of the AAPDB can advertise here. We also have complete transparency on our members lists which provide a members full name, contact phone number, an email address, direct links to the members personal social media platforms and websites.  Please only use the links and the contact information provided on the AAPDB Website. 

We encourage people to buy from our members because we believe that you can buy a puppy from a full member of the AAPDB with confidence, knowing that:

  • the puppy has been raised in a healthy environment,
  • that the puppy’s parents have been well looked after,
  • that your puppies parents have been genetically tested,
  • that you will receive follow up care.
  • You will have the option to pick your puppy up personally,
  • Your Puppy will already be de-sexed or a de-sexing Voucher will be provided with your Contract of Sale,
  • Your breeder will take your dog back if it becomes homeless at any stage of their life.

If you are purchasing a puppy from a Probationary AAPDB member who has not yet undertaken our Audit or from someone who is not an audited member of any Recognised breeder Association then you should:

  • Visit and meet the parents to see how your puppy is raised and what their temperament is like,
  • If this is genuinely not possible then:
    • Ask for photos of the puppy and it’s parents,
    • Ask for the microchip number of the puppy,
    • Ask to speak to the breeders veterinarian,
    • Ask to speak to other people who have brought puppies from the breeder.

Unfortunately  scams are a common feature of life these days and sadly new puppy purchasers are now a common target for scammers. 

We are aware of advertisements using false AAPDB numbers, or using the numbers of existing members. to sell puppies from sub-standard breeders, or even to sell puppies which don’t exist.

Remember that if it looks too good to be true then it probably is.

  1. Make sure you are speaking to a person.
  2. Once contact has been made ,speak to the person directly.
  3. Don’t organise to buy your puppy via text message or via email alone.
  4. Ask for Pictures.
  5. Ask for recommendations.
  6. Ask for Identification.
  7. Ask to see Member Verification.
  8. Ask for the microchip number.
  9. Ask to speak to the Vet Clinic that has Vaccinated the puppy and completed the Puppy Health check.
  10. Beware if you are not allowed to choose your puppy in person or meet the parents.
  11. If possible pick your puppy up directly from the breeder.
  12. Don’t deposit money into any accounts until you are certain you are not being scammed.
  13. Especially do not deposit money into any ATM or perform card less cash.
  14. Do not buy gift cards and provide people with numbers.

Please be careful.  we know it is exciting to finally find your new family member but please be sure that there is a puppy and that it is coming from a good ethical breeder..

Puppy Scam Awareness Australia (website) Puppy Scam Awareness Australia (Facebook) is onto this and performing an absolutely fantastic job shutting down scammers, Please visit this site.
If you, or anyone you know has been the victim of a scam or a concerned about the legitimacy of any person claiming to be a breeder, you can have a look for current known scams and you can also report these people to the page as well which in turn may save other families looking for their new family member .

References to some other websites and articles which may help to protect you from a scammer: 

  • The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission(ACCC) has some great articles and scam lists. Just type in Puppy Scams.
  • Scamwatch is an Australia Wide Site but every State and Territory in Australia also has it’s own site, these sites will list most current scams but is definitely not a complete or final list of all scams.
  • Don’t Fall for a Scammers Puppy Dog Eyes is a great read for everyone.
  • Scamnet in Western Australia has just managed to close down several  puppy scam websites.
  • they have a great page on Kitten and Puppy Scams .
  • IPATA has an enormous list of scammers websites and email addresses of pet scammers, the list is currently up to the beginning of March 2019 but is in no means a complete list, just because a name does not appear on the list this does not mean it is not a scam.
  • If you have been a victim of a scam or you know of anyone else that has fallen Victim to a scam ,please contact Crime Stoppers on 1800333000. It is not OK to be scammed and unless these problems are reported the problem will continue to rise.
  • have done a lot of research and also have links to real puppies for sale.

Why you can be confident to buy from an AAPDB member: 

AAPDB Members are expected to abide by our Code Of Ethics and will treat you with respect.

Please refer to our code of ethics and if you believe one of our members has breached this Code please file a complaint through our complaints form.


    Please see information and links below for Puppy Scam Awareness Australia.

    Facebook Link

    Why Buy From an AAPDB Breeder:

    We encourage people to buy from our members because we believe that you can buy a puppy from a full member of the AAPDB with confidence.

    Why you can be confident to buy from an AAPDB member: 

    AAPDB Members are expected to abide by our Code Of Ethics and will treat you with respect. 

    If a breeder claims to be a member of an Association,Please check with all Breeder Associations that the members are current,

    If a member does not appeear on the members list of the AAPDB, then this person is not a current member of AAPDB.