Code of Ethics.

Membership requirements

  1. Members shall read and understand the Australian Association of Pet Dog Breeders Standards and shall agree to abide by these standards.
  2. Members shall read and understand the Code of Practice relating to dog breeding in their State or Territory and agree to abide by the practices outlined except where these practices might conflict with Australian Association of Pet Dog Breeders Standards in which case the more stringent requirement will apply
  3. Associate Members shall undertake to have their property inspected by an independent veterinarian  within 3 months of joining the association.

Husbandry requirements

  1. Members shall ensure that their dogs are under effective control at all times.
  2. Members shall feed their animals a balanced diet appropriate to their life stage.
  3. Members shall keep their animals appropriately vaccinated, groomed and free from internal and external parasites and shall seek veterinary attention promptly for animals showing symptoms of illness.
  4. Members shall not house their animals in cages for any reason other than transport, breeding or treatment of illnesses. Animals should spend most of their life in communal runs as described in the AAPDB Standards.
  5. Members shall not euthanase retired breeding dogs. Retired dogs must be desexed, and rehomed or kept as pets. Euthanasia may only be performed by a qualified veterinarian in the case of:
    1. intractable behavioural problems that preclude dogs from being used of breeding or rehomed as pets
    2. Painful or life threatening health problems that detract from the animal’s expectation of experiencing reasonable quality of life
  6. Members should ensure that puppies are vaccinated, free from internal parasites and that they are appropriately socialised as outlined in the AAPDB Standards

Sale of puppies

  1. Members should sell their puppies at 8 weeks of age after vaccination at 6 weeks. Members shall never sell a puppy younger than 8 weeks of age
  2. Members should sell their puppies either
    1. Desexed at 8 weeks
    2. With a minimum $50.00 desexing voucher refundable on proof of desexing
    3. Direct to the new owner or through a pet store that offers a desexing voucher with all pups sold
  3. Sale of puppies to stores that are members of the Pet industry Association of Australia and Pets Australia are endorsed by the AAPDB.
  4. Members shall not sell puppies to children under the age of 18 and shall not sell puppies at shows and fairs.
  5. Members shall accurately describe the breeding of the puppies they sell as outlined in the AAPDB Breeding terminology and discussion

Post sale obligations

  1. Members shall offer a 3 day “cooling off” period after private sale of a puppy during which time the pup can be returned and the purchase price refunded, excluding any previously stated non-refundable deposit or any transport costs involved.
  2. Members shall provide new owners with information regarding feeding, veterinary care and training of their puppies
  3. Members are responsible for illnesses present at the time of purchase of the puppy and must pay verified veterinary expenses up to the purchase price of the puppy when such expenses are incurred
  4. Members should accept responsibility for preventable genetic or congenital health problems arising in the first 18 months of the dogs life. In which case they should pay verified veterinary expenses up to the purchase price of the puppy, replace the puppy, or take back the puppy and offer a full refund.
  5. Members should to provide written post sale agreements outlining what health testing has been undertaken, what conditions are not preventable, and when refunds will be offered.
  6. Members must undertake to take back and rehome any dog they have bred at any stage in the animal’s life should it become homeless for any reason.