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You may be able to find a Breeder of particular dogs by checking the list of Full Members on the Find a Member page of our web site. Only Full members are allowed a full listing which includes the dogs they breed. If the breed you are interested in is not listed here then please feel welcome to send us information on the breed you are looking to purchase, we can add this too our Full Member private area and the Full member can then contact you directly via email.

You can use the Probationary Members list to check whether a person advertising pups for sale and claiming membership of the AAPDB  is in fact a member of the association.

If you have concerns about a breeder please check their status before contacting us. If the breeder is not listed then we may not be able to assist you.

If you find that someone is claiming to be an AAPDB member, but does not appear in either of these lists, please fill out the Contact form on the right with all relevant details and we will investigate the matter.

If you breed dogs or are planning to breed dogs and would like to join the AAPDB please go to the Membership page and follow the instructions there. There is no option for joining the AAPDB other than via our online portal and internet access is essential for membership.

Australian Association of Pet Dog Breeders Inc
ABN: 34 806 718 722

If you need to make a complaint, please fill out the Complaints form

If you need to contact the AAPDB for any other reason then please use the contact form below
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