AAPDB Inc ( AAPDB) along with Pets Australia are proud to announce AUSTRALIA’S MOST ETHICAL RE-HOMING SCHEME

Pets Australia has supported the AAPDB re-homing policy and has launched Australia’s most ethical re-homing scheme for pet breeders.

The policy includes the AAPDB commitment.

Commitment to Australian families from the AAPDB President,

It is an honor to be the President of the only breeders Association that can guarantee the public that the dogs/puppies bred by our member breeders, or sold by our Pet Retailers, will never be without a home. The AAPDB is the first, and only, breeding Association to give this guarantee.

The AAPDB cares about the welfare of your family pet, for the life of your family pet.

When a dog breeder or pet retainer joins the AAPDB they make a commitment to never allow a dog/puppy bred or sold by them to ever be without a home. AAPDB members understand what having a ‘duty of care’ means for the whole of the life of the puppies/dogs they breed or sell. AAPDB Breeders /Pet retailers must have a re-homing policy and procedures in place before they can become a member of the AAPDB. This includes the re-homing of all retired breeding sires and dams or dogs not suited to breeding.

AAPDB offers the community happy, healthy, family pets from independently vet approved breeding environments and works to ensure any canine companions bred and supplied by our members are forever loved and are NOT dumped in pounds or shelters.

AAPDB supports the public’s raised concerns on high euthanasia rates in pounds and shelters. The AAPDB takes animal responsibility and animal welfare seriously which is why AAPDB members have a re-homing policy.

The AAPDB leads the way in animal welfare.

The AAPDB’s Code of Practice raises welfare standards above any other Code of Practice. The ongoing development of the AAPDB’s Code of Practice has resulted in reputable Associations and organizations involved in the Australian Pet Industry working hand-in-hand to assure all our families’ four legged companions are forever loved.

The AAPDB has partnered with Pets Australia who requires their Pet Retail Members to provide a copy of the AAPDB re-homing commitment to the public document with the sale of any AAPDB bred family pet sold, either directly by the breeder or indirectly by the pet retailer.

AAPDB has also partnered with PIAA (the Pet Industry Association of Australia) in a re-homing and traceability programme where members are linked by association memberships.
The AAPDB provides positive leadership in the pet industry.

The AAPDB is the way forward for an industry that has a history plagued with accusations, misinformation and heated emotions.

AAPDB is here for all our dogs: big, small; young, old, pure or cross bred.

This is our commitment to the Australian public.

Added By:Jodie Knox
Former President of the AAPDB