Probationary Member Listing

A Probationary Member of the AAPDB has agreed to abide by the AAPDB ethics and has received the AAPDB manual.

They have NOT undergone the AAPDB’s animal welfare focused quality assurance Audit of their premises carried out by a registered Veterinarian.

Probationary members have a maximum of 3 months before they must undertake the Audit and progress to full membership, otherwise their membership is suspended.

If you have any concerns regarding the conduct of a Probationary member please lodge your complaints here.

*Please note some members will indicate their member number starting with a P (probationary) or F (full), however here it is listed without the letter, so complete your search using the number only, thank you

Name Member # State Breed Phone Website Get In Touch Active Member Memberlist
Leah Green P17112 QLD 61490816300 1 Probationary
Linda Rosina P17462 NSW 61415976040 1 Probationary
Kristin Somerfield PP17564 QLD +61424998826 1 Probationary
Tanya Langdon PP17563 VIC +61418997874 1 Probationary
Simone Porter PP17562 WA +61417229273 1 Probationary
Kaitlyn Sampson PP17569 QLD +61409974504 1 Probationary
Melissa Maxwell PP17570 NSW 0421 469 237 1 Probationary
NICOLA BAIRLE PP17567 QLD +61404703565 1 Probationary
Nelson Chen PP17568 VIC +61411128878 1 Probationary
Siby Joseph NSW 0470-688649 1 Probationary