Family Pets For Sale

All Puppy’s for sale on this site are Family Pet’s Only and can only be listed by Fully Audited and Financially current AAPDB Members, we do not allow Probationary members to list their Family Pet’s for sale on our website.

Why Choose an AAPDB Member?

Vet Approved Breeders:

Once members complete their breeder training, have been Veterinarian Audited, provided Pictures of their Facility, Provided Verified Identification, paid their upgrade fees and passed all requirements, they are approved as Full Members.
These requirements are to be met by our Full members annually.

Exceptional Dog Care:

With Leading company partners, we can offer the best and most modern food and medication available for all breeding dogs and puppies.

Health Guarantee:

All AAPDB puppy purchases are guaranteed, all puppies are Vaccinated, Microchipped and Health checked, All AAPDB Puppies Parents as of the 1st July 2019 are required to be genetically tested for any testable preventable inheritable genetic diseases.

Responsible Breeding Practices:

Your Puppy will already be desexed or a de-sexing voucher will be provided to you upon purchasing your puppy, If a voucher is provided then this voucher must be redeemed before the puppy turns 6 months of age.

Re-Homing Promise:

If you have any problems with your puppy and can no longer keep your new Family member , AAPDB Full Breeder members will take the puppy back and re home them for you.. Members are not required to refund any transport cost or pay for transport on return ,if your sales contract includes a non refundable deposit, this deposit is not required to be returned.

Genetic Testing:

If any preventable testable genetic illness arises within the first 18 months of your new Family Pet's life ,the breeder member must pay Vet bills up to and including the price of your new puppy OR replace the puppy OR offer a full refund on return of the puppy (less any transport costs or non refundable deposits involved ).

If your new Family Member arrives with any illness or problem and it is proven to be an issue directly from the Breeder then the above conditions will also apply.