Welcome to the Australian Association of Pet Dog Breeders (AAPDB)



The AAPDB upholds an ethical,
welfare centred code of practice for all our veterinarian approved breeders



The AAPDB members are responsible both for animal welfare and lifetime  re-homing programs



The AAPDB promotes “Healthy Pets”, and a positive approach to hybrid and genetically diverse pure bred dogs

Become an AAPDB Breeder

Members of the AAPDB are passionate people who care for and love dogs .
The AAPDB is the first dog breeding Association in the world, that requires its members to undertake an independent Veterinary audit annually which looks at how and where they breed their dogs.

Proudly, we are currently the only breeding Association that requires its members to undertake these thorough checks, so you can have peace of mind that your dog has come from a breeder who is proud of their dogs’ welfare and open to scutiny.

AAPDB members fulfill this commitment to their dogs by following standards for breeding and sale to which all members are obliged to adhere. The primary focus of members is to breed healthy, happy pet dogs and advise prospective owners on  what would make the most suitable pets for their circumstances.

The AAPDB breeders encourage responsible pet ownership by providing appropriate information about the dogs they breed, ensuring that new pet owners are educated regarding their responsibilities.

The association wants to ensure that these standards are upheld by all members and if at any time, you believe that a member is breaching them, feel free to contact the Association to discuss it further. Please refer to our complaints form.